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  About The School  

Our Belief Statements

Katherine B. Sutton Elementary School Faculty and Staff believe: 

  • In embracing the act of preparing our students to become responsible and accountable citizens as they acquire skills to participate in a global community.
  • All students can learn, achieve and succeed in an environment of high expectations, respect and dignity.
  • A variety of teaching and assessment strategies must be utilized in order for students to demonstrate their achievements.
  • In recruiting, employing, nurturing and retaining dedicated, professional and highly-trained staff.
  • It is our responsibility to ensure student success is the primary focus of every financial decision.
  • The home, school, and the community must share in the responsibility for nurturing and meeting the emotional and intellectual needs of students while fostering an appreciation for individual differences and cultures.
  • It is important for students, parents, faculty and community members' actions to support and advance the school's mission.
  • Establishing a safe environment ensures optimal performance for students and staff.
  • In providing opportunities that foster healthy lifestyles for our students and their families.

K.B. Sutton Vision Statement

Katherine B. Sutton Elementary School will provide a foundation of excellence for students to be successful in their future pursuits.