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Welcome K.B. Sutton Seniors!!!                                                                                                       

Dear Family of our 2023 Graduates,

It is our honor to welcome our upcoming Sutton Senior Knights to a brand new educational year in 5th Grade! Being Sutton Seniors comes with great responsibility, privileges, and expectations. As role models for younger students within our school, fifth graders have the power to influence and change lives! We are excited to guide these students through an awesome educational experience this year and have planned and implemented a few changes.

Ms. Jenkins, Ms. Whitehead, Ms. Turpin, and Mrs. Renfroe are pleased to be working as the 5th grade TEAM to lead and educate your child to reach his or her potential. The word “TEAM” is bolded and capitalized because we sincerely believe the importance of working together as a TEAM and teaching our “seniors” to work as a TEAM and treat each other with the love and respect that is critical for success.

In addition, we are excited to announce our Sutton Seniors will have their own designated hall! The location for our fifth graders will be on the Specials’ hall.

Furthermore, the 5th grade supply list has been reduced to include only the essentials for the beginning of the school year.  A copy of our supply list is attached.  Please be aware that supplies are an ongoing need and parent support throughout the year will be greatly appreciated, particularly with supporting science experimental needs. When classroom supplies are running low, or if a teacher is in need of specific items, she will indicate supply needs in a letter or email to parents.

Again, we look forward to an exciting and educational year with our new K. B. Sutton SENIORS!

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The KBS 5th Grade Team